‘UFO’ that crashed in New Mexico’s Aztec had ‘16 humanoid bodies’ claim is baffling

[ad_1] An alleged incident that is said to have occurred in New Mexico’s Aztec region more than 60 decades ago claims that 16 ‘humanoid bodies’ were found in a ‘UFO’ that crashed during its landing. Gone are the days when extraterrestrials remained unique to fiction and television. Reports about UFO sightings have become extremely common … Leer más

TikTok star Sabrina Duran Montero was shot seven times and confirmed dead in Chile

[ad_1] TikTok star Sabrina Durán Montero, who is also nicknamed ‘Ina,’ was shot seven times and confirmed dead in Chile. On October 25, social media users were quick to express their sadness after the news of Sabrina, who is nicknamed Ina, death surfaced online. Sabrina Duran Montero was shot seven times As per reports, Sabrina … Leer más

‘UFO’ filmed over Spain from airplane looks like a ‘boat’ in questionable video

[ad_1] A ‘UFO’ allegedly filmed over Spain isn’t like any other aerial phenomenon you have ever seen, but some users have argued the sighting can’t be real. There has been a rise in discussions about aliens and UAPs recently, but people have been debating the possibilities of extraterrestrial life for ages. Yesterday, we brought to … Leer más

Matthew Perry called ‘ex’ Lauren Graham ‘one of his favorite’ people

[ad_1] As the tragic news of Matthew Perry’s death shocks the world, fans are looking back on his life, including his heartfelt relationship with co-star, Lauren Graham, who he is alleged to have briefly dated. Although the star was widely recognized for his iconic role as Chandler Bing on the sitcom Friends, he also played … Leer más

Video showing crashed ‘UFO’ retrieved in Norway fuels unexplainable alien theories

[ad_1] Years after the alleged UFO crash in Norway, a video showing an unidentified object being retrieved from water has baffled social media users. Fueling rumors about aliens and spacecrafts, the unverified video on TikTok has raised numerous questions about an incident that’s believed to have occurred in 1946 or 1947. The viral video suggests … Leer más

Rumored date when Starbucks releases Christmas cups in 2023 revealed

[ad_1] Halloween is over and everyone is now wondering one thing – when does Starbucks release its Christmas cups? Here’s the rumored date. Jump to… Starbucks Rumored date for 2023 Starbucks Christmas cups Starbucks is rumored to be releasing its Christmas cups on Thursday, November 2, 2023 – the same day that the Holiday Menu … Leer más

Alien theory linked to prehistoric ruins in China has bamboozled mankind for ages

[ad_1] Ufologists and others who take immense interest in extraterrestrial lives believe aliens are far more powerful than humans can imagine and if there was any truth to the popular belief, the theory that non-human beings were behind the prehistoric ruins found in China is very convincing. For decades now, researchers and scientists have been … Leer más

TikTok user shares story time about hockey player who ghosted girlfriend of 8 years

[ad_1] TikTok users are outraged by the tale of a hockey player who couldn’t face the music when it came to breaking up with his girlfriend. The story time has blown up on TikTok, with thousands of incredulous users expressing their dismay at how the unnamed hockey star handled his personal life. No less than … Leer más

TikTok theorizes cat got a hamster pregnant in bizarre ‘Camsters’ trend

[ad_1] A viral video featuring a baby hamster resembling a domestic cat that lives in the same house has pushed people to consider the possibility of the latter getting the mother hamster pregnant. It seems users are determined to prove that the two species can breed thanks to the adorable “Camster” or “Hat” babies that … Leer más

When does Spotify Wrapped stop tracking?

[ad_1] Spotify Wrapped 2023 is almost upon us and fans can’t wait The important time of year for music lovers is celebrating its seventh anniversary, having started in 2016 The streaming service tracks your song choices until Halloween and the pop-up should be available shortly It is not only Christmas that people will be getting … Leer más

Chelsea now keeping close tabs on 21-year-old French youth international

[ad_1] Chelsea are already eyeing up potential transfer targets for the summer and have turned their attention to Ligue 1. HITC Football understands that Mauricio Pochettino’s side are keeping close tabs on Brest full-back Bradley Locko. Chelsea are in the market for a new left-back with Ian Maatsen – who is currently on loan at … Leer más

Why Karim Benzema wears a bandage

[ad_1] Why does Karim Benzema wear a bandage on his right hand? Many have been asking as the France international finds himself linked to Arsenal and Chelsea. The Al-Ittihad No.9 has worn white strapping on his right hand for quite a while now, although many are unaware of the reason behind it. So, why does … Leer más

Ange Postecoglou could help Celtic sign a £4m striker in January

[ad_1] Premier League giants Tottenham Hotspur could help Celtic in their pursuit of Sydney van Hooijdonk with Alejo Veliz an option to replace the Dutchman at Bologna.  Brendan Rodgers has made no secret of his desire to bring a new striker to Parkhead during the January transfer window, but the options may already be dwindling.  … Leer más