Racy meaning of gnome on front porch will make you think twice


Lots of people are only just discovering the racy meaning of putting a single gnome on your front porch – and it will make you think twice before decorating your entrance.

What seems like the innocent task of placing an old man with a beard and a pointed hat on your front porch could actually be symbolising something else. Here’s the real meaning…

Young Woman Carrying Garden Gnome

Meaning of gnome on front porch

For years, people have said that having a gnome outside your home is a symbol that you’re a swinger. It’s not clear where the idea began, but it’s well-known in some areas.

A swinger is someone who engages in group sex or swaps sexual partners, so your cute gnome could be accidentally telling people you’re on the look out for a new fling.

One real estate agent in the US found out the strange revelation through one of her clients whose friend informed him he was looking at a house in a swinger community.

“How can you tell if your neighbors are swingers you may ask? Turns out that homeowners keep gnomes on the front lawn as an indicator,” she said.

“My client looked online to see if this was a joke or real and sure enough, there’s a website out there with info all about it.”

Now you’ll never look at a front porch with a gnome in the same way again – and it’s not the only swinger symbol either!

Other possible swinger symbols

Another object often associated with swingers is pineapples. This particularly includes a pineapple door knocker – so think twice before you install one.

Other things include pampas grass, white rocks, pink flamingos, hot tubs five-pointed stars and brightly colored garden decorations.

However, some of them are clearly a little far-fetched. Having a hot tub in your backyard definitely doesn’t mean you’re a swinger!

People are only just finding out

The idea that gnomes and other everyday things are associated with swingers has been around for years, but many are only just discovering it and they’re in disbelief.

One person wrote on Twitter: “Swingers have been using garden gnomes as an indicator?.. leave them alone, bro.”

“I’m clueless, until a few months ago I had no idea about all the supposed ‘swinger signs’ out there. Pineapples, gnomes, pampas grass,” said another.

A third person added: “Wait Gnomes represent swingers????!!! We have a little lawn gnome by our front door named Gnomeo… did everybody know this???? Now I’m wondering what the delivery drivers think.”

“Haha I just learned that a gnome on the front lawn means you are a swinger,” someone else tweeted.

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