Superman’s New Movie Costume Confirmed To Have Red Trunks


David Corenswet’s Superman having red trunks may be a good way to help differentiate this iteration from the one most people will most likely associate him with — Henry Cavill’s version. Overall, a slight majority of fans always preferred the red trunks version. On X (formerly known as Twitter), James Gunn polled nearly half a million people as to whether or not they liked the trunks. 59.3% of respondents said they preferred them. 

On a much smaller scale, a similar poll was conducted by Redditor u/KungPoW_Chickens, which also found that the majority of people like Superman’s look with the trunks. However, reading through the comments on these polls highlights a rigorous debate of individuals discussing whether Superman has outgrown his classic, original look. Many believe the trunks to be goofy and a sign of a bygone era, while others think they provide an appropriate differentiation between the upper and lower halves of the Man of Steel. 

It’s difficult to categorize a piece of clothing as being uniformly «good» or «bad»; it all comes down to each individual’s interpretation. Judging by how good the rest of Corenswet’s outfit looks, the trunks should mesh well with everything else. Hopefully, the next photo of this new Superman shows off the trunks in all their Kryptonian glory. 


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