Things From Our Childhood Hollywood Will Probably Make Into Films


Domestic robots infiltrated children’s toy boxes in 1998 with the release of Hasbro’s Tiger Electronics toy, the Furby. A fluff ball with large blinking eyes, a moving beak, and distinct fennec fox-like ears, Furbys possess equal qualities of cuteness and creepiness. Unlike anything else on the toy shelves, they became an instant must-have. The toy slowly fell out of favor as technology advanced at a rapid rate, leaving Furbys an artifact of the past. However, in recent years, internet users have gotten creative and reignited nostalgic interest in the toy with the creation of cursed «long Furbys» — a Furby with an extended, worm-like body.

Although most are valueless today, the memories of ’90s kids everywhere remain invaluable, making the Furby a prime toy choice for the big screen. The Dimension Films production company thought so too, as in 2016, the studio announced the development of a live-action and CGI hybrid Furby movie. Owned by The Weinstein Company at the time, the project stalled and was eventually scrapped after co-founder Harvey Weinstein was fired and convicted of multiple counts of sexual assault. If Dimension Films’ new parent company Lantern Entertainment ever wanted to revisit the project, we’d suggest a departure from Joe Dante’s «Gremlins,» starring Furby’s distant cousin Gizmo.

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