Tom Hardy’s Mad Max Cameo In Furiosa Confirmed By Director


In his interview, director George Miller is pretty vague about Max’s appearance in «Furiosa.» Because the film is focused on Furiosa, including Max seems extremely specific and is probably just a convenient way to tie the prequel’s story into the Mad Max saga. With the film wrapping up «Fury Road» kickstarts, it’s all but likely that Tom Hardy, who has strong feelings about the solo «Furiosa» flick, will have a cameo. Then again, Miller could take a bold approach and recast Max, just as he did with Charlize Theron. 

Because Miller knows what Max was up to during the final year of «Furiosa,» he’s eager to tell that story. While the filmmaker doesn’t have the green light yet, he teased how invested he is in another EW chat. «Well, we are certainly working on it,» the filmmaker said about the Max-centered film. «And as I say, we wrote that basically as a novella, and now we’ve got a chance, we will get that into a screenplay form, and then we’ll take it from there.»

While the saga’s future is unclear, «Furiosa» is set to make a splash at the box office during its opening weekend. Deadline projects the picture will debut within the $40-$50 million range. Fingers crossed the prequel has enough gasoline to fuel another entry, hopefully featuring the Marvel star Miller wanted to cast in «Furiosa.» 

«Furiosa» races into theatres on May 24. 


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