Vampire Academy Episode 1, 2, 3, 4 Recap and Ending, Explained


Peacock’s ‘Vampire Academy’ follows the story of two girls, Rose and Lissa, who come from different strata of society but share a close friendship. As trouble increases for them from all ends, they have to rely on each other for support and protection, as everyone else around them seems motivated by their own agenda. The girls uncover secret things about their world which change their perception of the world they’d been living in until now. Over the course of the first four episodes, ‘Vampire Academy’ gives us a fair sense of everyone’s ideologies and intentions, setting the stage for the conflict that will decide the fate of its protagonists. Here we take a look at the events that have transpired and what they mean for the future of the show. SPOILERS AHEAD

Vampire Academy Episode 1-4 Recap


Lissa Dragomir is a royal Moroi. Her brother was set to be the next king of vampires, but he is killed in an accident, along with his parents. Lissa is the only Dragomir left, which puts her in a very precarious position. Not only does it make her a viable candidate to occupy the throne, but it also throws her into an already turbulent and cut-throat politics of the Moroi. There is only one person that she can trust amidst all the secrets, lies, and backstabbing: Rose. Born a Dhampir, Rose is the best in her class, training to be Lissa’s future guardian.

While the issue of the next ruler of vampires is discussed, their world also faces the increasing attacks of the Strigoi. Unlike their random and isolated attacks before, they have now learned to work together and plan their assault. This is a worrying prospect, especially when it looks like someone on the inside might be helping them. Meanwhile, Lissa forms a bond with Christian, an outcast whose parents chose to be Strigoi. Rose, on the other hand, gets close to Dimitri, Lissa’s current guardian, who is a by-the-book type of guy and does not put anything above his mission and his duty.

Lissa’s godfather tries to support her claim to the throne while also strengthening her seat on the council. But it proves tricky because she is barely an adult and no one takes her seriously, but it also poses a threat to her life. She is also trying to understand her magic, something that is only talked about in secret books by banned authors. Her relationship with Christian, who is trying to find out more about his parents, is also frowned upon. Rose, too, continues to get into trouble despite showing great potential. The arrival of her estranged mother complicates things for her. All this while, Tatiana Vogel establishes herself as the prominent choice for being the next queen.

Vampire Academy Episode 4 Ending: Will Rose Fight a Strigoi?

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One of the main concerns of the vampires at St. Vladimir’s Academy is the increasing attacks of Strigoi. The brutal massacre at St. Jude shows the Moroi that Strigoi are not as mindless as they’d previously believed. They are getting more tactical, and seem to be getting help from the inside. What makes them more dangerous is that they can turn others into what they are, and this puts Moroi, who are the elites in the vampire world, in a very dangerous position. Dhampir guardians are the only ones standing in the way of Moroi and Strigoi, but they continue to die in battles and are not so easily replaced. While the queen encourages the Moroi men to procreate with Dhampir women, living in the communes, and make more Dhampir babies who can grow up to be the guardians in the future, a more immediate solution is also required to keep the Moroi safe.

Victor suggests that the limited Dhampir guardians should be temporarily restricted only to the royal Moroi, considering that they are more in danger of being targeted by the Strigoi. But the others on the council come up with other options. They want the novice guardians, the ones who are still in training, like Rose, to be graduated earlier and assigned their positions as guardians. While this would supply the demand of the guardians, it would do barely anything to curb the issue. Even though the young guardians have been trained very well, they have never actually gone up against real Strigoi, having only worked in simulations. Their lack of experience endangers the lives of the Moroi they are to protect, and it wouldn’t help anyone if they die in their first battle with the Strigoi. Before assigning them official posts, it has to be confirmed that they are ready to face Strigoi.

A Strigoi is captured by the guardians while saving Christian, who’d been lured out of the academy by his parents. The Moroi council decides to put the trainee guardians up against the captured Strigoi to see how they fare. If they succeed in killing him, then they are ready. If not, then they will die at the hands of the Strigoi. At the end of the fourth episode, Rosa is kidnapped by her superiors, while the Moroi at the council put up the issue of pitting her and other trainees against the Strigoi up to vote. With most of the people in its favor, the motion will certainly be passed. This means that in the next episode Rose, and others like her, will have to use all of their skills to survive the attack of the Strigoi.

While Rose is certainly the best of her lot, her previous encounter with a Strigoi showed that she still needed to work on herself. She might succeed in beating other trainee guardians and is even ready to go up against battle-tested guardians like Christian, but fighting a real Strigoi is a completely different thing. She needs to be fully in control of herself, but experience suggests that she often lets her emotions get in the way and this affects her fighting style. Moreover, her psychic connection with Lissa also causes her to zone out, which has led her to lose the winning fights against other trainees. If it happens while she is fighting a Strigoi, even a moment’s zoning out might lead her to lose a life, if not hers then someone else’s. This means that Rose is caught up in a lose-lose scenario, because coming out of it alive as a failure might mean that she is stripped of her guardian status. And this time, even Lissa won’t be able to help her.

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