What Was Anne Heche’s Net Worth At The Time Of Her Death?


A brilliant actress, director, producer, and writer, Anne Heche was a household name in the Hollywood film industry. Anne was just 53-years-old and thriving in her career when the news of her tragic car accident left her fans completely stunned. Reports claim that on August 5, 2022, Anne was involved in a devastating vehicle accident and had to be pulled out of the burning debris.

Unfortunately, Anne soon slipped into a coma, and although doctors tried their best to revive the actress, she eventually succumbed to her injuries and passed away on August 12, 2022. While the entire filming fraternity mourns such an outstanding stalwart, we decided to look into Anne’s life and find out her net worth at the time of her death.

How Did Anne Heche Earn Her Money?

Unfortunately, Anne Heche’s early life was quite challenging, as her family’s financial condition was quite poor, and the actress had to do her bit to make ends meet. Thus, while still in her early teens, Anne took up her first professional acting job at a Swainton dinner theatre, which provided her with a meager $100 per week. However, her talent did not go unrecognized, and soon, she was noticed by producers before being handed her first role on TV as the twins, Vicky Hudson and Marley Love, in the soap opera ‘Another World.’

Anne’s performance in ‘Another World’ earned her numerous awards, including a Daytime Emmy Award for an Outstanding Younger Actress in a Drama Series in 1991, which eventually paved the way for the rest of her career. Thus, with her reputation rising steadily, Anne never looked back and went on to act in several television productions, including ‘O Pioneers!,’ ‘Against The Wall,’ and ‘Girls in Prison.’ Besides, she also let her talent speak for itself in the movie industry and appeared in big-budget movies like ‘Donnie Brasco,’ ‘Volcano,’ ‘I Know What You Did Last Summer,’ and ‘Wag The Dog.’

She gained more acclaim for her performance in ‘Six Days, Seven Nights’ and ‘Psycho.’ Interestingly, while earning fame as an actress, Anne decided to dip her toe in film direction, production, and writing. Apart from directing the short film ‘Stripping for Jesus,’ Anne also directed segments in the TV movies ‘If These Walls Could Talk 2’ and ‘On The Edge.’ Moreover, after tasting a lot of commercial success, Anne turned her attention toward independent movies and Broadway roles, intending to extend her repertoire.

At the time of Anne’s death, she had numerous movie roles under her name, with a few notable ones being Dee Dee in the 2012 movie ‘That’s What She Said,’ Joyce Dahmer in the 2017 movie ‘My Friend Dahmer,’ Mary Ellis in the 2019 movie ‘The Best Of Enemies,’ and Tammy in the 2021 movie ’13 Minutes.’ On the other hand, she also had put in several noteworthy performances in the TV industry and was involved with productions like ‘Men in Trees,’ ‘Hung,’ ‘Save Me,’ ‘Dig,’ and ‘The Brave.’  Incidentally, her last performance came in the TV film ‘Girl in Room 13,’ while several of her productions, such as ‘The Idol,’ are still to be released.

Apart from Anne’s movie and television career, fans will be interested to know that she published her memoir ‘Call Me Crazy’ in 2001, narrated several audiobooks, and even co-hosted the ‘Better Together’ podcast alongside Heather Duffy Boylston. However, viewers should note that Anne’s divorce from her ex-husband, Coley Laffoon, cost her a lot of money and negatively affected her total net worth.

Anne Heche’s Net Worth At The Time Of Her Death

Anne reached the top of the filming industry almost effortlessly and was flourishing in her career at the time of her death. Thus, considering her avenues for income, we can safely say that Anne’s net worth at the time of her death was around $4 million.

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