12 Best Quadrilogies Of All Time

12 Best Quadrilogies Of All Time 2

Subverting traditional fantasy tales and blending classic characters into one brightly colored world, «Shrek» feels as comforting and recognizable as it does creative and original. Starring an endearing oaf as he navigates love, friendships, and responsibility, the «Shrek» franchise has made a relatable ogre an icon. Aside from the four main installments, there have been spinoffs, specials, live performances, and a slew of merchandise featuring the characters from Far Far Away.

With Mike Meyers voicing the ogre and Eddie Murphy as the boisterous sidekick Donkey, the original 2001 «Shrek» film had parents and children busting their guts, making it an instant animated classic that is still celebrated today. Meanwhile, as the best sequels are wont to do, the follow-up films from the «Shrek» catalog added depth and growth to the fantasy world and characters. With 2010’s «Shrek Forever After,» the quadrilogy was complete and has since become a defining franchise for an entire generation. Undoubtedly, some fans would choose «Shrek» as the greatest quadrilogy in movie history.

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