1997 clip of ‘real’ alien being interrogated on tape ‘looks so fake’ says TikTok


A tape of a ‘real’ alien supposedly being interrogated by the military that was released in 1997 has gone viral on TikTok where everyone is skeptical.

It’s one of many alleged alien clips circling social media right now as interest in extra-terrestrial life has skyrocketed following Congress’ UFO hearing in July.

Aliens, illustration
Aliens, illustration. (Getty)

Alien being interrogated on tape

In the three-minute film, an alien entity is allegedly being interrogated at the S2 facility in April 1991 by members of the US military.

It shows an extra-terrestrial being which looks like a famous ‘Grey Alien’ sitting in a dark room, but the clip doesn’t have any audio.

Also known as Zeta Reticulans, Roswell Greys, or Grays, aliens with this appearance are popularly described in extra-terrestrial encounters.

They are human-like with small bodies, smooth grey-colored skin, large hairless heads, and big black eyes with no iris or pupils.

You can’t actually hear what the alien is saying, but someone is explaining the context of the eerie clip in the background.

A little way into the video, two people dressed in medical clothing appear and begin shining a torch at the alien figure.

It was released in 1997

The clip was released in a 1997 documentary called Area 51: The Alien Interview which was directed by Jeff Broadstreet.

“A documentary about aliens and UFOs with re-enactments of alien interviews and video of a supposedly real video of an alien being interviewed by government officials,” the IMDb description says.

At the beginning of the clip, the presenter claims: “The film you are about to see is jaw-dropping, and it was passed over by the New York Times.”

He describes the “top secret film” as “unbelievable” and the documentary stars well-known alien conspiracy theorist Bob Lazar.

TikTok users are skeptical

The clip has taken over TikTok where many are convinced it isn’t real.

One person wrote: “This looks so fake.”

“The lights wouldn’t be off and if they were they would use a better camera with night vision capabilities,” another argued.

A third person added: “More false knowledge.”

“Oh yes this seems legit,” someone else sarcastically commented.

Another said: “If aliens came to Earth they wouldn’t speak English.”

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