5 Classic Movies From The ’80s You Forgot Are Getting Reboots

5 Classic Movies From The '80s You Forgot Are Getting Reboots 2

A remake of a 1981 Terry Gilliam movie that features two other «Monty Python» members alongside stars like Shelley Duvall and Sean Connery might not be on too many remake bingo lists, but here we are. «Time Bandits» is Gilliam’s second non-Python time in the director’s seat. It tells the story of Kevin (Craig Warnock), a young boy who ends up on a time-traveling trip that sends him face-to-face with some of history’s greats, from Robin Hood (John Cleese) to Napoleon (Ian Holm). 

Gilliam has a fairly distinctive style and, as usual with 1980s adaptations, the remake will likely go through some changes. As it turns out, the project is helmed by none other than Taika Waititi, so chances are the remake will indeed be quite a different beast. 

Apart from the Academy Award-winning filmmaker, actors attached to the project include Lisa Kudrow, Kal-El Tuck, Charlyne Yi, Tadhg Murphy, Roger Jean Nsengiyumwa, and Rune Temte. The new «Time Bandits» is set to air as an Apple TV+ series, so whatever else happens, fans can at the very least expect a much longer storyline. 

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