5 Controversial Marvel Costumes You Will Never See In The MCU

5 Controversial Marvel Costumes You Will Never See In The MCU 2

We still have a ways to go until the return of Matt Murdock (Charlie Cox) in «Daredevil: Born Again,» but the one perk besides supporting cast members from the Netflix series returning is the outfit he’ll be donning. The Man Without Fear will get straight back into the fan-favorite red ensemble, horns and all, wasting no time going from the basic knitwear get-up. While there’s nothing wrong with that original effort, the one outfit we hope Matt Murdock will never wear is the red and black, heavily armored costume that was, like so many other wardrobe slip-ups, a byproduct of the ’90s.

Back when heroes had excessive storage pouches and the muscles to match, Matt Murdock got treated like other heroes, courtesy of D.G. Chichester. After getting a hammering from the Wild Pack, Matt returned with a heavily armored outfit in Daredevil #321. A mix of black and red, it abandoned the sleek scarlet look that fans had grown accustomed to and adored. 

While it wasn’t met with the most fabulous reception, it still has a place in Marvel Comics history, so much so that Chichester revisited that chapter of Murdock’s history in «Daredevil: Black Armor,» which, in August 2023, filled in gaps from its time in the ’90s. Admittedly, there are some other outfits that Murdock went through that didn’t hit the mark as well as the all-red look did, but to bring this armored atrocity to live action really would be sinful.

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