A Big Horror Director Wrote A Madame Web Letterboxd Review

A Big Horror Director Wrote A Madame Web Letterboxd Review 2

Mike Flanagan fans noticed the post and left comments praising the filmmaker’s incredible review. User Zachary Gerrity noted, «Man I gotta check tags more often lmao,» while Katie297 simply agreed with Flanagan: «This is so real.» Sigma Lynchian Succession Kinophile was especially effusive, writing, «Amazing, I loved every word, Mike. I just webbed all over the future.»

If you need a refresher, Flanagan is much more than a clever Letterboxd reviewer — he’s one of the most in-demand horror directors working today. After starting with acclaimed projects like «Oculus,» «Hush,» and «Ouija: Origin of Evil,» he took on his first high-profile horror adaptation with «Gerald’s Game.» Released on Netflix in 2019, it was praised by original author Stephen King for being accurately horrifying. His takes on horror classics «The Haunting of Hill House,» «The Haunting of Bly Manor,» and «The Fall of the House of Usher» are beloved by fans and critics. He also found time to work on another King adaptation in 2019’s sequel to «The Shining,» «Doctor Sleep.» As of this writing, Flanagan is crafting an adaptation of King’s novella «The Life of Chuck,» with Tom Hiddleston and Mark Hamill set to star. 

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