Adam Driver Cast As Alan Rickman’s Snape Successor In Amazing Harry Potter Fan Art

Adam Driver Cast As Alan Rickman's Snape Successor In Amazing Harry Potter Fan Art 2

«Harry Potter» fans have wanted the «Star Wars» actor to play Snape ever since word of a «Harry Potter» series began to manifest. But while Adam Driver would more than likely kill it as the character, there’s one thing getting in the way: his nationality. «Harry Potter» may have found an audience worldwide, but the franchise is proudly British, and it’s hard to imagine Warner Bros. Discovery and J.K. Rowling casting an American to take on one of the most important characters in the saga since when it came time to bring «Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone» to the big screen, Rowling was adamant that the film cast exclusively British actors.

The franchise creator is serving as an executive producer on the upcoming Max series, which means she’ll have a lot of sway over casting decisions and could double down on the requests she had the first time the «Harry Potter» series was adapted. And while Driver is absolutely perfect for Snape and could make a worthy successor to Alan Rickman, Rowling isn’t likely to break this rule for what’s set to be the definitive adaptation of her books. Moreover, even if the actor were approached for the role, it seems unlikely that he would take it on. Max’s «Harry Potter» series is expected to run for 10 years, which would mean a decade of Driver’s life would be dedicated to the Boy Who Lived.

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