Adin Ross reacts to Charleston White’s ‘insane’ rant days after Kick stream


Adin Ross welcomed controversial internet star Charleston White onto his recent Kick stream but their friendship is now in question. It comes after the latter blasted the content creator in a rant on Instagram Live.

Just days after Adin Ross invited the Island Boys onto his Kick stream – which if you missed it, ended with Flyysoulja flashing his junk to thousands of innocent viewers – another controversial figure brought the chaos: Charleston White. The pair were on good terms as the outspoken internet persona joined Adin Ross on his August 8 broadcast in Las Vegas. But two days later, White called out the streamer in a profanity-filled rant on Instagram.

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Charleston White blasts Adin Ross in vulgar rant

*WARNING: Distressing content*

“The holocaust is fake y’all,” he claimed on a broadcast. “Adin and his family are some lying mother******* and I rock with Hitler”. White continued as he compared the suffering of African-Americans to the Jewish community’s. He has not spoken out since following the backlash of his rant.

Ross was left practically speechless as he viewed the clip on his phone. He was hanging out with White just three hours before in his second Vegas stream.

The 22-year-old Kick star shook his head and laughed in disagreement as White discussed the genocide, before he was left in disbelief over the Hitler praises.

“Bro, what the f***? No, that’s insane,” he reacted. “I couldn’t believe it, like, what the f***?”

The exact cause of the drama is unknown but judging from fan speculation and White’s other posts, he claims that Adin did not pay him $2000. It’s not been disclosed if this is the reason for the outburst, nor if an agreement to appear on his Kick stream.

Who is Charleston White?

White is an online personality known for sharing stories of his criminal past. According to The Sun, his comments on the death of George Floyd, and rapper DMX have sparked controversy.

Although he is growing his media presence, his main job is founder and CEO of Helping Young People Excel (HYPE). It is an organization dedicated to educating teens on the negative effects of turning to crime.

As a teen, he and three friends stole athletic jackets from a store. A man who confronted them was shot dead in the parking lot.

“I was, for all intents and purposes, a murderer,” he admitted. “I didn’t pull the trigger, but I was responsible for the shooting death of a man who tried to stop me and three friends from robbing a Foot Locker”. White was convicted of murder and spent 12 years incarcerated.

If you have found this article disturbing, the Department of Psychology at the University of Georgia offers advice on dealing with racial trauma, here. The Counseling Center at the University of Illinois offers counseling on coping with race-related stress, which you can access here. The ADL also has a list of resources related to anti-semitism.

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