AI Reimagines Dragon Ball’s Super Saiyan Goku As Superman

AI Reimagines Dragon Ball's Super Saiyan Goku As Superman 2

While they might share similar strengths and speeds, fusing Goku and Superman would only increase the chances of encountering an issue that they both encounter regularly — wardrobe malfunctions. Given that Goku’s energy blast-chucking throwdowns regularly lead to his gi suit tearing and Superman has the same issue when battling the likes of Doomsday or Darkseid, their fused form is going to face wear and tear. Considering this, what would the outfit of these combined characters look like, and would it last a fight with whichever unfortunate enemy dared to face them?

The Instagrammer has various options for this, each showing what would happen if one character was a more prominent presence in the fusion than the other. A Goku-looking character wearing Superman’s iconic red and blue onesie with the cape to match looks cool, but so does the Saytonian (part Saiyan, part Kryptonian? Look, it sounds good; go with it) in a gi with that iconic S stretched across his chest.

However, just like with every good fusion, it’s all about balance, and with that in mind, @esheffects’s initial design on Instagram with an orange cape and bottoms and Superman’s top half looks like the winning combination. Now we just need to see him go into battle against the villains of both franchises and hope that a senzu bean counteracts kryptonite.

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