AI Turns Super Mario Bros. Characters Into Real People On TikTok

AI Turns Super Mario Bros. Characters Into Real People On TikTok 2

Most of the human characters in the «Super Mario Bros.» concept are depicted just as one would expect. Daisy and Princess Peach, for example, jump from the world of animation and sprites to the real world pretty easily, shown as women wearing the same clothes as they do in the games. Things do get interesting with characters like Bowser, the main villain in the «Super Mario Bros.» franchise. 

In the video games, Bowser looks like a hulking dinosaur-like version of a turtle, sporting a large, spiky backshell and yellow body. As opposed to giving him the human treatment, the visual artist behind the concept notably decides to make the character look more «realistic.» In the concept, Bowser is depicted as a large, fire-breathing lizard. The artist could have easily turned Bowser into a human, giving him an outfit that resembles his notable visual design, but instead opted to keep the fantastical and whimsical vibes of the video game for the concept. And it seems like this choice has proven to be popular — the TikTok video has some 1.2 million views.

Throughout the AI-generated video, viewers are shown key characters brought into the real world without much aesthetic sacrifice. Donkey Kong, for example, is still a large gorilla as opposed to a tall, strong individual who is hairy. Koopa Troopas still retain their turtle-like design and are absolutely adorable in the video. The most interesting design is that of Toad. The cheery character is seen as a human, wearing a hat that features red spots. Waluigi and Wario also boast inspired designs, shown as weathered and wrinkled, making them worthy foes to Luigi and Mario — their mortal «enemies.» 

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