Anne Hathaway saying racy ‘6.9’ joke fools TikTok with clever AI

A clip of Anne Hathaway saying a rude joke about ‘6.9’ is doing the rounds on social media – but it’s not actually real.

The incredibly realistic video was made using clever artificial intelligence which sounds scarily like the Hollywood actress.

Anne Hathaway saying racy '6.9' joke fools TikTok with clever AI 2
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Anne Hathaway ‘6.9’ joke

In the video, Anne Hathaway is talking to American comedian and TV host Jon Stewart and appears to ask him the joke: “What is 6.9?”

She then follows this up with the raunchy punchline “A good thing ruined by a period” and the Daily Show star puts his head in his hands and laughs.

The clip has gone viral on TikTok, where one person wrote “She caught him so off guard” and another added: “Anne Hathaway is a national treasure.”

However, everyone is being completely fooled because the Devil Wears Prada star didn’t actually say it – it’s a fake clip!

It was made using AI

The video has taken a real snippet of Anne Hathaway on The Daily Show and dubbed it over with a fake voice that sounds like her.

They’ve even changed the mouth so it looks like the actress said it, but it’s all done using artificial intelligence technology.

AI is the process using machines or software to imitate the intelligence of human beings, and it’s all the rage in 2023.

When a celebrity’s appearance is manipulated to make it seem like they did something they didn’t, it’s called a deepfake.

Anne Hathaway on The Daily Show

The clip is taken from an episode of The Daily Show in 2015. Anne and Jon were actually laughing about her newest movie at the time, Song One.

She was explaining the plot of the film and said: “And then her little brother who’s 19 calls her up and says ‘I’m dropping out of college’ to become a musician.”

“And she doesn’t react very well and they haven’t spoken for six months and then he gets hit by a car and is in a coma,” the actress continued.

The TV host burst into uncontrollable laughter as the story escalated so quickly, and she couldn’t help but giggle too.

They continued laughing hysterically for several minutes and Hathaway hilariously joked: “That is my Facebook update.”

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