Breaking Bad’s Tuco Humbles Thanos In A Wild Fan-Made MCU Crossover

Breaking Bad's Tuco Humbles Thanos In A Wild Fan-Made MCU Crossover 2

Alternative Cuts does a great job of blending two drastically different scenes to create some genuine narrative cohesion. It takes scenes from «Breaking Bad» Season 1, Episodes 6 and 7, two episodes which introduce Tuco (Cruz) and his love for Walt (Bryan Cranston) and Jessie’s (Aaron Paul) blue product. In the case of «Avengers: Endgame,» the final moments from the battle are used to show Thanos’ confusion and defeat. While it’s hard to imagine a «Breaking Bad» and MCU crossover happening in real life, this is as good as it gets, showing that Thanos is no match for one of New Mexico’s most chaotic drug peddlers and gangsters. 

As expected, fans are loving this well-edited crossover that has over 11 million views, with many pointing out the concept’s sheer absurdity. «I love the idea that Tuco has no idea what the Infinity Minerals are but just instinctively breaks one and snorts it,» wrote YouTube user @chickencurry420 about the video. «I like the implication that just being able to snort an infinity stone and live is enough to be worthy of Mjolnir, which if you think about it, makes perfect sense,» wrote @bumblebeeman2103. 

The video has proven to be so popular that Alternative Cuts has made several other edits combining «Breaking Bad» with other properties. Another popular video throws the «Breaking Bad» characters into the world of Gordon Ramsey’s cooking reality show «Hell’s Kitchen,» where Walt and Tuco compete in a cook-off alongside several other contestants. Alternative Cuts proves not only how versatile «Breaking Bad» is but also that the show’s popularity continues to grow nearly a decade after it wrapped up.

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