Cassidy King Shares Video for «Bad News»

Ohio-born singer/songwriter Cassidy King has been steadily dropping singles and EPs since 2018, which has helped solidify her title as a star on the rise. Her newest offering, “Bad News,” is another notch in her belt and sets the wheels in motion for another EP later this year. Both catchy and moving, the track is a complex pop track that pulls from combines chart-worthy melodies and explosive alt-rock patterns and attitude. King called upon director Isabelle Hahn and editor Gabriella Mykal to put together a music video that matches the emotional depths exuding from the track’s sonic. The result is a cinematic short story of love, loss and yearning, as the themes circle vignettes of King performing “Bad News” in a dark DIY venue.

“‘Bad News’ is about the infatuation of chasing someone you can’t have. In this case, I was going after the girl who had a boyfriend,” Cassidy says of the track. “I knew I was never going to get the chance to fully have her the way I wanted to but a part of me wanted to prove myself wrong. This was before I actually ended up falling for her because that infatuation ended up leading to heart break. This song embodies the feeling of you knowing someone is bad for you but you go ahead and pursue them anyway.”

Watch the music video for “Bad News” below.

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