Deadpool 3’s Villain Was ‘Spoiled’ By The U.S. Government

Deadpool 3's Villain Was 'Spoiled' By The U.S. Government 2

Cassandra Nova is Charles Xavier’s twin sister, but not in the traditional sense. She’s a spectral entity known as a Mummudrai and creates a body for herself after tapping into Xavier’s DNA. While they are in the womb, Charles senses the evil in Cassandra and attempts to use his powers to kill her, hoping to prevent his twin from being born and causing chaos. However, Cassandra survives and spends the next several years plotting her next move.

Understandably, Nova has a grudge against her brother and all mutants. In the comics, her main objective is to eradicate the superpowered beings from existence, at one point commanding an army of Sentinels to wipe out millions of them — proving that she’s capable of committing heinous acts. Her other horrific feats include infiltrating the X-Mansion and overpowering some of the X-Men. On top of that, she once used her telepathic abilities to insert her brother’s mind into her dying body.

If «Deadpool & Wolverine» honors Cassandra Nova’s comic book history, her presence will add high-stakes chaos to the proceedings. Her twisted backstory also makes her an ideal fit for this movie, as «Deadpool 3» will be R-rated and full of the edgy humor and violence that define the two previous films.

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