Did the Sheraton Maui Resort burn down?


The Hawaii wildfires tore through the city of Lahaina, destroying most of the businesses, but did the Sheraton Maui Resort burn down in the fire?

The locals rushed to hotels and other establishments to find temporary shelter when the flames engulfed Maui Island almost without any warning. The governor of Hawaii is fearing an increase in the death toll as the bodies of victims are being hauled from the ocean.

An aerial view of Lahaina devestation.
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Did the Sheraton Maui Resort burn down in the fire?

No, the Sheraton Maui Resort wasn’t burned down in the fire, but the hotel is temporarily closed due to the lack of power supply.

The post shared by the hotel on Facebook reads: “Please note the hotel is temporarily closed due to extended power outages. To adjust reservations, please visit Marriott.com or the Marriott app. Cancellation fees are waived through August 31.”

Located only a few minutes away from Lahaina, Sheraton is one of the few businesses to have survived the deadly wildfires that reduced most of the historic town to rubble.

The Ritz Carlton team also confirmed that the hotel was safe but similar to Sheraton, the former grappled with a shortage of power and other necessary resources such as food and fuel.

Tourists staying in the hotels in Lahaina and the locals who sought temporary shelter within the properties have posted pictures taken from the resort, depicting the damage caused by the wildfire while flames continue to burn through the cities.

Hotels are trying to help affected communities in Lahaina

The unaffected hotels have extended help to the people of Lahaina who have been impacted by the Maui fire.

The Ritz Carlton reportedly provided temporary shelter to the locals, filling up 466 rooms and 107 suites in the hotel. But, the property only had enough fuel to keep the electricity going for six hours, so the guests had to be evacuated.

Reports claim mass evacuation was staged at Sheraton to take visitors from the hotel to the airport as flights were open. The mass bus evacuation is believed to have been conducted using vehicles with a capacity of about 50 people.

Hotels and resorts around Lahaina that remain unaffected, such as Andaz Maui at Wailea Resort, have vowed to help the communities and their employees in this difficult time.

The property, however, is temporarily closed due to a power outage.

Heartbreaking visuals show damages from Hawaii wildfires

Devastated locals on social media pleading for help have shared the before and after pictures of Maui Island as it suffered one of the worst tragedies in decades.

Most of the notable historic sites in Lahaina, including the 150-year-old Banyan tree, were engulfed in flame, while renowned restaurants such as Cheeseburger in Paradise and Fleetwood’s were lost.

The only building which is believed to be still standing in Lahaina is the Maria Lanakila Catholic Church, according to a local pastor.

Kimo’s, the beachfront diner known for the popular Hula pie, is also believed to be “gone”, according to its founders as aerial pictures depict most of the properties on Front Street burned to ashes.

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