Fake Kai Cenat mugshot swirls as YouTuber faces riot charges

A fake mugshot of Kai Cenat is circling Twitter after the YouTuber was arrested at his PlayStation 5 giveaway on Friday (August 4).

The gamer took to Twitch to announce he was giving away loads of free electricals at New York’s Union Square Park and riots broke out.

YouTuber Causes Riot In New York's Union Square With Video Game Unit Giveaway
Photo by Alexi J. Rosenfeld/Getty Images

Fake Kai Cenat mugshot swirls

The mugshot shows the 21-year-old wearing an orange prison jumpsuit while having his height measured on the wall behind.

A number of people have shared the image following his arrest, with one person writing: “Kai Cenat’s mugshot leaked.”

“Leaked Kai Cenat mugshot, bro looks done with life,” said another, while a third added: “They already got Kai Cenat’s mugshot bro.”

However, the mugshot isn’t actually real. It comes from an old YouTube video called “AMP Beyond Scared Straight”.

It was posted on the AMP YouTube channel in 2022 and sees the YouTube collective recreating the popular TV series.

Beyond Scared Straight aired on A&E from 2011 to 2015 and follows troubled teenagers who spend one to three days in prison.

In the video, the collective all wore orange jumpsuits, took mugshot photos and pretended they were in a real prison.

YouTuber arrested in New York

The YouTuber, who streams on Twitch, was arrested at 5pm on Friday after he didn’t obtain a permit for the giveaway.

He told fans to go to Union Square at 4pm to get a free PlayStation 5 but people began filling the park from around 1pm.

2,000 people arrived in total and riots soon began breaking out, with people settings off fireworks, hurling bottles and pushing over barricades.

People in Manhattan were told to avoid the area and trains didn’t stop at Union Square station for hours due to the chaos.

The police department declared a “level four” mobilisation, meaning around 1,000 officers were deployed to the scene.

Cenat was taken into custody by the New York Police Department and questioned before being released a few hours later.

YouTuber Causes Riot In New York's Union Square With Video Game Unit Giveaway
Photo by Alexi J. Rosenfeld/Getty Images

Cenat faces riot charges

In a press conference on Friday evening, Police Chief Jeffrey Maddrey confirmed the YouTuber will be formally charged.

“He will be charged with at least two counts of inciting a riot and unlawful assembly and a few other charges,” the officer said.

However, his official list of charges has not been confirmed yet. Maddrey blamed the “power of social media” for the riots.

“We went from 300 kids to a couple of thousand kids in minutes. We have to be responsible when we use this tool,” he said.

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