Fantastic Four’s Original Thing Actor Confirmed Whether That Deadpool 3 Photo Is Real

Fantastic Four's Original Thing Actor Confirmed Whether That Deadpool 3 Photo Is Real 2

Disney is seemingly leaning on characters from Fox’s Marvel movies to make up the «Deadpool 3» supporting cast. Hugh Jackman is reprising Wolverine, while some behind-the-scenes photos from «Deadpool 3» further suggest the return of the X-Men. As such, it’s entirely plausible that Michael Chiklis could return as The Thing from Fox’s «Fantastic Four» movies, as could Jessica Alba as Sue Storm and Ioan Gruffudd as Dr. Reed Richards. Chris Evans’ return as Johnny Storm would be tricky, though, given that he already appeared as Captain America in the MCU. 

At least one of Fox’s «Daredevil» characters appears to be playing for the movie, given Jennifer Garner’s response to the «Deadpool 3» Elektra rumor. Quizzed about her reported appearance in the film, Garner didn’t try hard to conceal a smile when asked about the role.

Despite Michael Chiklis’ denial about the «Fantastic Four’s» Thing appearing in «Deadpool 3,» there is still leaked evidence that Marvel’s First Family of superheroes will appear in the film in some capacity. A post with a photo on X in December 2023 by Hollywood insider @CanWeGetToast said, «First look at Toad from the Original X-Men on set for ‘DEADPOOL 3’. He seems to be riding in the Fantastic Four’s Fantasticar.»

Of course, that could also mean the likes of Pedro Pascal’s rumored Reed Richards from director Matt Shakman’s upcoming reboot of «Fantastic Four» might appear. Fans will find out for sure when «Deadpool 3» is released in theaters on July 26, 2024.

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