Hayley Atwell’s Captain Carter Will Return In Two Huge MCU Projects

Hayley Atwell's Captain Carter Will Return In Two Huge MCU Projects 2

Captain Carter briefly made a live-action appearance in «Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness,» where the character dies at the hands of Wanda (Elizabeth Olsen). Hayley Atwell felt her «Multiverse of Madness» cameo didn’t serve Captain Carter well, but it set the precedent for future live-action appearances. Based on Alex Perez’s report, it’s unclear just how large of a role Atwell’s hero will have in «Avengers: Secret Wars,» though one can imagine it will be minimal. «Secret Wars» is set to be the direct sequel to the untitled «Avengers 5,» which Perez didn’t mention in his rumor. Based on that, it’s fair to assume that Captain Carter will likely only receive a cameo in that film.

Rumors have suggested that the upcoming «Avengers» flick will have a plethora of cameos, with «Secret Wars» set to feature an emotional Marvel reunion that will please fans. As a concept, «Secret Wars» relies heavily on guest appearances, so it makes sense that Atwell would be brought back as her fan-favorite character. She is one of the strongest in Marvel’s alternate universe — Captain Carter notably wasn’t killed by the Infinity Stones in «What If…?» Season 2, making her a worthy player for «Secret Wars.» 

Atwell hasn’t exactly confirmed or suggested that Captain Carter is on track for future live-action MCU appearances. So while it may seem exciting that the character is set to return to the big screen, fans should remember it’s still a rumor. 

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