Henry Cavill Is A Bigger Lord Of The Rings Nerd Than You Think

Henry Cavill Is A Bigger Lord Of The Rings Nerd Than You Think 2

Henry Cavill’s willingness to connect his pets to his fantasy acting doesn’t stop with their names. In the past, he’s gone on record as to how they play a key role in the way he handles his relationship with animals on screen, too. In an interview in 2021, Cavill shared that his close bond with his dog Kal was a key factor in helping him make a connection with Geralt’s horse Roach — or, more specifically, the two horses named Zeus and Hector who played the on-screen equine.

«Kal and I have a very close bond,» he explained, adding that when you spend that much time with an animal, «You develop a very, very close relationship with them, and you start to understand their body languages, and their energies and things which other people don’t see, you notice in your own dog.»

Cavill has always shared a close bond with animals. So close that his family thought his original calling was to be a veterinarian. At one point, Kal even came with Cavill to the set of «The Witcher.» There’s no news of Baggins filling that same role … at least, not yet. However, there are plenty of Middle-earth media projects in the works at the moment. If Cavill were to land a role in one of these new «Lord of the Rings» storylines, Baggins could be the perfect way to help him connect with both the talking and non-verbal animals in Tolkien’s world.

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