Internet reacts to Mia Khalifa’s marriage advice

Mia Khalifa recently shared some marriage advice on TikTok and the star seems to have sent social media into a spiral after Fox News reported on the viral soundbite, making it gain even more online attention.

It seems that many followers think the marriage guidance is quite questionable coming from the former pornographic actress with previous failed relationships, while others appreciate the honesty. HITC explores the social media opinions that sparked online following the TikTok clip.

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Listen to Mia Khalifa’s marriage advice

Mia Khalifa, Lebanese-American media personality and former pornographic film actress, shot to social media fame when she began speaking out about her previous experience in the industry.

Born on 10 February 1993, the 30-year-old currently has over37 million followers and recently shared some personal advice on marriage, which many seem to have since disagreed with.

Responding to a TikTok comment regarding short-lived marriages, Khalifa stated:

“We shouldn’t be afraid to leave these men. We are not stuck with these people.”

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  • Khalifa added:

    “Marriage is not a prudish thing, it’s paperwork. It’s a commitment you make to someone, but if you feel like you’re not getting anything out of that commitment and you’re trying, you have to leave. You have to go. “

    The clip has already gained over 1.8 million views, more than 150,000 likes, along with a comment section full of mixed opinions.

    Fox News reports on viral TikTok soundbite

    American multinational news platform Fox News has since reported on the viral soundbite, also sharing the article via their social media platforms – which proceeded to make the clip gain even more online attention.

    When offering her thoughts on marriage, Khalifa also compared herself to NFL sportsman Tom Brady, who won seven Super Bowl rings during his career. 

    Fox pointed out Mia Khalifa’s particular quote whereby she listed her marriage experience, breaking down her two failed marriages:

    “I am Tom Brady at this game. Married at 18. Divorced at 21. Second marriage. Married at 25. Divorced at 28. Third engagement. Engaged at 29. Ended it at 30, but I kept the ring. I’m still keeping Tom Brady on his toes.”

    The video quickly became a hot top trending topic on X, the platform formerly known as Twitter, and viewers have since shared their mixed thoughts on Khalifa’s quotes.

    Internet reacts to the wild wedding views

    A user named Tiffany Huber uploaded a video onto Twitter, stating that she doesn’t want to take marriage advice from an ex-pornstar with two failed marriages and another engagement all within a decade.

    Beneath the Fox News article shared via Twitter, some people used laughing face emojis to share their amusement after hearing Mia Khalifa’s relationship advice.

    However, some users have opposing opinions and many appreciate the advice Mia Khalifa shared with her followers. A Twitter user took to the comment section of Tiffany Huber’s video, stating that “it’s important to listen to different perspectives and learn from the mistakes of others”, adding:

    “So, let’s keep an open mind and acknowledge that wisdom can come from unexpected sources.”

    Similarly, another user pointed out that Khalifa is speaking from her personal experience and highlights the benefit of taking advice from those with experience.

    Another user shared a funny video indicating that the internet has slammed Khalifa ever since she shared her opinion online.

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