Is Mortal Kombat With Disney Characters Awful

Is Mortal Kombat With Disney Characters Awful 2

Several YouTubers have also uploaded videos to show off the modded gameplay, including ToastedShoes. The channel has uploaded several fight bouts, with the first one featuring everyone’s favorite new public domain character, Steamboat Willie, aka the first appearance of Mickey Mouse. He trades blows with Minnie Mouse, and it doesn’t take long before she goes for the jugular. Some, like @mds_main in the comments, think this could be just the beginning of a more violent Steamboat Willie. «They should really put Steamboat Willie Mickey in Mortal Kombat for real,» they wrote. «It would be both hilarious and legal especially since it wouldn’t even infringe the trademark.»

While Steamboat Willie is fair game, that doesn’t account for every other Disney character in the lineup, like Cinderella, Rapunzel, and Olaf. And YouTuber @TheLeetCasualGamer thinks it’s not long before the mod is taken down: «Disney is going to take you to court for publicizing violence with their characters.» Similar sentiments were shared on a Reddit thread about «Disney Kombat,» where u/Vortr8 wrote, «Disney: we would like to know your location.»

Despite some fans wanting a legit game of this, it seems unlikely. It’s even doubtful Disney would make a less violent game in the style of «Super Smash Bros.,» as the company likely wants to retain the image that all these characters are friends who would never fight each other. For now, people who are into this kind of thing will have to make do with the mod … for as long as it stays available.

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