Isabel Dumaa Unveils «Always Leaving You»


Los Angeles singer/songwriter Isabel Dumaa has released her sparkling latest single “Always Leaving You” today. An emerging talent, Dumaa started most of the writing for her recent tracks, including “Freshman Year” and “Quarter Life Crisis,” during the pandemic—feeling her way through a relationship that wasn’t working and funneling her hurt into music. “Always Leaving You” is brisk and energetic, propelled by Dumaa’s crystalline vocals and bright drumming patterns. It’s thoughtful and sincere, a refreshingly diaristic take on the pitfalls of young love.

“It’s about being in a relationship and feeling like you can’t give that person what they’re giving back to you and feeling a lot of guilt about it. I feel like so many love songs are about heartbreak. The premise of this song was that I was in a relationship and I really cared about this person, but I just couldn’t give what they needed me to give,” Dumaa explains. She mentions the “Anti-hero” age, the era of the scorner’s lament rather than the scorned. “You know that you’re a problem and you want to fix it, and you don’t really know how,” she adds.

“Always Leaving You” is available now on all platforms and you can stream the track here.


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