Island Boys’ ‘disturbing’ tape fools ‘uncomfortable’ fans after stream backlash

The Island Boys are currently under fire for their inappropriate content and rumors now claim they have published an adult tape, but it’s not real.

*WARNING: Distressing content*

The Island Boys shot to fame in 2021 after their song, I’m An Island Boy, went viral on TikTok but they are now garnering more attention with their OnlyFans content. The twin sibling rappers, Kodiyakredd and Flyysoulja, launched their joint account in July 2023 and promoted their subscription service by locking lips, prompting questions over their sexuality. Despite the backlash, the hip hip duo have continued plugging their content and the latest unbelievable video shows Kodiyakredd seemingly performing an intimate act on Flyysoulja – but it may not be what it seems.

Island Boys rapping together in music video shirtless as a crowd parties behind them
Credit Big Bag Ent youtube channel

Island Boys tease fake ‘gross’ NSFW video

On Sunday (August 7), the No Jumper Instagram account posted a screenshot of what seemed to be Flyysoulja taking a mirror selfie as his brother was crouching by his crotch area, hinting at an intimate act. The pixelated photo doesn’t officially show any physical contact as a large emoji censors the suggestive action.

The screenshot originates from a clip posted by music star Flyysoulja – real name Alex Venegas – four days prior on Twitter, captioned: “He got skills.” He then linked to his adult subscription account.

The video shows Kodiyakredd near an object resembling a carrot or a hot dog to prank fans. One thing’s for sure: it is not his brother’s actual junk.

Fans who have yet to see the full clip have been fooled by the misleading photo, prompting a wave of backlash.

“Man, what the !!” one exclaimed. “I had to close my phone and throw it away after this dawg.”

“Even if this is fake why on earth would you do thi… never mind,” a second added.

A third joked: “I don’t want eyes anymore.”

Island Boy member flashed Adin Ross on live stream

The viral video comes days after Flyysoulja flashed his junk on Adin Ross‘ Kick stream last week. The August 1 broadcast kicked off chaotically as the twins greeted the streamer with a racial slur, prompting Ross to confront them for their rude language.

The rappers exited the stream 30 minutes later before Flyysoulja returned to challenge Adin Ross in a strongly-worded message.

That wasn’t all: Venegas pulled down his trousers and exposed himself as he threatened to “f*** the s***” out of the content creator, who was completely disturbed by the situation.

“Alright, that was insane, dude,” Ross reacted. “I can’t believe he just did that. On my life, that was disgusting. On my f****** life. Wow, bro. That is insane. That is beyond crazy.”

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