Madame Web Changed Sydney Sweeney Forever In One Hilarious Way

Madame Web Changed Sydney Sweeney Forever In One Hilarious Way 2

Sydney Sweeney saying she won’t kill any more spiders is pretty astounding, considering she could hold a personal vendetta against them. In 2023, Sweeney described a scary on-set incident while filming «Anyone But You» where she had to hold onto a spider that actually ended up biting her. The IMDb interview cuts to some behind-the-scenes footage of that event where Sweeney yells about how the spider legitimately bit her. 

Describing the «Anyone But You» incident to IMDb, Sweeney said, «The medic wrote ‘Sydney Sweeney gets bit by a spider and turns into Spider-Woman’ just as like a funny note … And no one had any clue that we were doing [‘Madame Web’] or what the film was, so I was like, ‘Can I take a picture of that?’ Just for myself to have that one day.»

Someone should check if that medic has clairvoyant powers like Cassandra Webb (Dakota Johnson) because that was an awfully prophetic joke. It sounds like Sweeney’s casting in «Madame Web» wasn’t widely known when «Anyone But You» was filming. She did not get any spider powers following the bite, but it seems like she was all right following the Huntsman spider bite. And while «Madame Web» bombed at the box office, at least Sweeney walked away with a newfound appreciation for those eight-legged critters, and that’s something. 

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