Meaning of pink and grey dorm as ‘canon event’ circles TikTok

A TikTok video has gone viral in which a girl picks out a pink and grey dorm room and everyone is going crazy – but why? Here’s the meaning of the two colors.

Decorating your dorm room is one of the most exciting parts of going to university, but the colors you choose say a lot about you according to TikTok.

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Pink and grey dorm video goes viral

The clip was shared by a TikTok user called @abigailand_ who wrote: “Watching my college freshman sister pick out pink and gray for her dorm room colors (I can’t interfere it’s a canon event).”

She then filmed her sister surrounded by pink and grey bedding, cushions and decorations before cutting to herself with a shocked expression and her hand over her mouth.

The video was shared more than a month ago at the start of July, but it’s suddenly gone viral in August and has had a staggering 8.5 million views.

Meaning of pink and grey dorm

Having a pink and grey dorm room makes you ‘basic’ according to people on TikTok who are saying every girl decorates their college room with those colors.

It’s the equivalent of boys having a navy blue theme or checked bedsheets – and the hilarious meme has actually existed for years.

All the way back in 2017, someone wrote on Twitter: “Props to girls who don’t have a pink and grey dorm room.”

“Literally every female color scheme for their dorm is pink, grey & white,” another said in 2019.

Some are even blaming pink and grey for all their problems at college, with someone commenting: “I think this color choice was why I had such a traumatic freshman year.”

“Not the pink and grey!” another said.

TikTok user says it’s a ‘canon event’

A ‘canon event’ is a new phrase that people use to explain things that happened in the past that made you who you are today.

It’s usually something bad, embarrassing, or unfortunate that had to happen to help build character and shape you as person.

People on TikTok are in agreement that having a pink and grey theme in your dorm is a right of passage for most girls.

Looking back, you’ll realise it probably wasn’t the best choice – but it shaped your college experience and you wouldn’t have it any other way.

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