Meet Your Strawberry Flame on TikTok as hottie goes viral for her stunning figure

Meet Your Strawberry Flame on TikTok as hottie goes viral for her stunning figure 2

TikTok creator ‘Your Strawberry Flame’ has become a viral sensation on the internet over the past few months, with her videos and pictures making rounds on Twitter and Instagram as well.

TikTok is a great platform to discover creators from all walks of life. Whether it’s a dermatologist making educational content or a makeup influencer telling you about the latest products, the platform hosts creators of all kinds. There are plenty of stunning women teasing fellow TikTok users with their beauty too. One such creator whose account is named ‘Your Strawberry Flame’ has recently gone viral for her looks, figure and her entertaining videos.

Meet ‘Your Strawberry Flame’ on TikTok

The TikTok creator Your Strawberry Flame, whose real name is Imogen Lucie, has 857.8K followers on the platform. She has amassed a whopping 9.7 million likes as well.

Imogen dresses up in various different outfits to entertain her followers. The creator makes videos in all sorts of locations, from hot tubs to gardens to her own bedroom. Her latest TikTok sees the star taking an ice bath in her T-shirt. Several of her TikTok uploads have garnered millions of views.

Your Strawberry Flame also has a massive Instagram following. The social media star has a whopping 760K followers on the platform. On Twitter, she has amassed over 357K followers.

She’s also on OnlyFans

Imogen has a booming OnlyFans channel too. Her bio on the platform reveals she is also a sports fan who loves rugby and F1.

She’s also a fan of Marvel, Harry Potter and Star Wars.

Fans can get access to thousands of the redhead’s pictures and videos on OnlyFans via subscription. Her subscription options include $80.97 for three months. Another option is for six months which comes at a price of $143.95.

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