Michael Jackson Is Born Again In First Look At New Biopic

Michael Jackson Is Born Again In First Look At New Biopic 2

Getting Kevin Mazur back to take the first promotional image for «Michael» is no coincidence. It seems that Antoine Fuqua has taken strides to maximize the authenticity of the film and its portrayal of Michael Jackson as a public figure in various regards. In fact, Mazur isn’t the only crew member with a history concerning the famous singer. «We have assembled an incredible team of artists for this project — hair & makeup, costumes, cinematography, choreography, lighting, everything — and some who knew and worked with Michael are reuniting for this film,» Fuqua stated in the press release.

Of course, the biggest example is the casting of Jaafar Jackson in the main role, and those involved with the film have lavished plenty of praise on his performance. «With Jaafar, every look, every note, every dance move is Michael. He embodies Michael in a way that no other actor could,» producer Graham King said. «It goes beyond the physical resemblance,» Fuqua concurred. «It’s Michael’s spirit that comes through in a magical way. You have to experience it to believe it.»

Ultimately, viewers will be able to see for themselves whether Jaafar Jackson’s MJ persona matches the real thing in motion. If it’s as accurate of a portrayal as has been claimed, «Michael» may very well be one of the various movies that will blow everyone away when it arrives in theaters on April 18, 2025.

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