Montgomery Riverfront brawl didn’t destroy Crocs despite hilarious memes

Montgomery Riverfront brawl didn't destroy Crocs despite hilarious memes 2

The Montgomery Riverfront brawl has been getting a lot of online attention and the situation has now been linked to another popular video showing destroyed Crocs during another dockside battle.

Despite the seemingly similar situations and hilariousmemes that have sparked onsocial media since the viral videos, it turns out the Alabama fight didn’t destroy the slipper shoes. Read on as HITC explores the funnyTwitter reactions and the reasons proving the two scenarios are unrelated.

Montgomery Riverfront brawl linked to destroyed Crocs video

Police in Montgomery, Alabama, detained several people on Saturday 5 August after a brawl broke out at the city’s popular Riverfront Park when a group of boaters allegedly appeared to attack a security guard, as per The New York Times reports.

Ever since the incident reached the internet, videos showing the fight have been circulating on social media.

Along with funny reactions and hilarious memes in response, another dockside video has since been linked to the situation.

Footage that shows a man’s pair of Crocs being completely destroyed as he is battled to the ground by people who appear to be dressed in security uniforms began trending online as users joked that he “forgot to put his Crocs in sports mode.”

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  • It seems the original video was posted on TikTok by a user named @iammarkanthony23, and has been reshared on Twitter by @mistergeezy.

    The Crocs video has since seemed to fool social media users as many think it was linked to the Montgomery Riverfront brawl.

    Multiple users, including @MissNomofantasy and @asvplo11 shared the clip onto Twitter with the caption suggesting that the Crocs were ruined during the Montgomery riverfront brawl.

    The Alabama fight didn’t ruin Crocs despite hilarious memes

    Since the viral Montgomery Riverfront brawl has been linked to clips of the destroyed Crocs, it seems the memes are mistaken and the situations are in fact entirely unrelated.

    A user named @yellowdani24 pointed out that the man wearing the Crocs was arrested in Braunfels, Texas and was not on the dock in Montgomery Alabama.

    Another individual clarified that the Crocs situation is unrelated to the Alabama brawl but noted that it is hilarious regardless.

    As the Montgomery brawl currently remains at the center of attention online, funny memes regarding the destroyed shoes continue to crop up despite the link being supposedly debunked.

    Along with the funny reactions posted, playlists created and parody songs produced of the brawl, it seems to be the picture of the Crocs that has prompted a lot of laughter on Twitter.

    Masses of memes flooded the timeline even after it has been revealed that the picture was not taken from the Montgomery brawl.

    Some users compared the broken Crocs to the shape of an actual crocodile’s mouth.

    Others joked that the footwear became ‘calf Crocs’.

    A Twitter user named @OwensiiiRich joked that the Crocs got turned into socks:

    “Turnt that boi crocs to socks.”

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