Natsumii and BaboAbe suddenly break up as Twitch streamer reveals ‘things happened’

Twitch streamer Natsumii aka Wendy and BaboAbe’s marriage has come to an end. Abe took to Twitter to talk about the struggles and how he has “done it all” for the marriage.

BoboAbe and Natsumii’s dreamy wedding made the rounds last November as the couple decided to stream them getting hitched on Twitch with their followers while hosting an intimate gathering consisting of close friends and family members.

Natsumii and Abe's wedding on display as we take a look at their divorce and marriage
Natsumii Twitch

Natsumii and Abe break up after eight months of marriage

Abe and Natsumii’s breakup is confirmed. Twitch streamer BoboAbe aka Abe Chung opened up about his marriage with Wendy ending on Twitter saying, “Wendy and I are no longer together.”

He further revealed: “Things happened, and I can at the very least say- with confidence that I’ve done all I can to try to save our marriage and make things work.” The streamer assured fans that he will go on a live stream to talk more about the future and what’s next.

A look at Abe and Natsumii’s dreamy wedding

Abe and Natsumii’s wedding made fans swoon as the Twitch duo announced beforehand: “You are all invited to our wedding.” Both Natsumii and Abe are part of OfflineTV and Friends group of gaming streamers and a number of Offline TV members attended the wedding.

The wedding stream was viewed by almost 60,000 people and YouTubers like Peter Park, Ludwig, Wendy’s close friend LilyPichu and Michael Reeves attended the ceremony in person.

Natsumii is silent on divorce while fans say “this hurts”

Canadian-born streamer Natsumii is yet to make a comment on their breakup but the YouTuber retweeted BoboAbe’s tweet confirming the same sentiments.

Fans of the streamers were shocked at the sudden divorce announcement of the streamer pair as one posted on Twitter: “My jaw dropped on the floor, what!”

Another echoed the same emotion by tweeting: “This hurts but I wish nothing but the best for the two of them.”

“I swear I just watched them get married. Nothing lasts I swear,” a third fan posted.

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