Players Star Damon Wayans Jr.’s One Major Complaint About Sex Scenes In Rom-Coms

Players Star Damon Wayans Jr.'s One Major Complaint About Sex Scenes In Rom-Coms 2

Damon Wayans Jr. also said in the interview that he really loves the romantic comedy genre, which makes sense, considering he’s appeared in rom-coms like «How to Be Single» in 2018 and «Love, Guaranteed» in 2020. Sure, romantic comedies can be predictable and rote, but Wayans Jr. said he actually loves that aspect the most.

«I used to not like the idea of knowing how the movie is going to end from the beginning, but after doing this movie, I thought because this was such a fresh take on the rom-com, that I’m OK with [knowing the ending],» Wayans said of «Players,» where his character Adam and Gina Rodriguez’s character Mack are best friends constantly trying to help each other find hookups and dates. 

«I already knew how the movie was going to end by the second scene, even when reading [the script], but the journey is what kind of differentiates it,» he concluded. «So I’m cool with that staying the same.»

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