Ref catches basketball ‘like a superhero’ in funny video sparking viral memes


A funny video of a ref catching a basketball before it goes out of bounds has become the internet’s latest viral meme.

It was first posted in April 2023 and the original video got 1.4 million views, but it’s now taking over social media all over again.

School gymnasium - basketball ref meme
Gymnasium/sports hall in a modern secondary school.

Ref catches basketball in funny video

The video shows a group of kids playing basketball as the referee, who is wearing a black and white striped top, stands near the hoop with his arms out.

One of the kids shoots the ball at the hoop but misses, so it’s about to hit the people sitting down on the floor at the sideline.

However, the referee swoops in and catches the basketball in a really comical way before turning and staring right at the person filming.

It was filmed and shared by a TikTok user called @farrish_gang who wrote: “What in the world?”. You can watch the full clip below:

Basketball clip sparks funny ref memes

The video instantly went viral on TikTok and is still amusing everyone again almost four months on.

One person wrote: “Why he catch it like he was a superhero?”

“Bro thought he just saved your life,” said another.

A third person joked: “He thought he was LeBron.”

“It’s the side eye for me though,” someone else commented.

Now, it’s become the latest big meme and people are sharing funny parodies and edits of the basketball ref like this:

And this:

Who is the referee?

The now-famous basketball referee is a guy called Omar from Baltimore, Maryland. It’s not clear wether he knows about his new found fame, but another viral video sees someone asking him for his autograph and he seems rather confused:

The video was filmed at Spooky Nook Sports, the largest indoor sports complex in the United States, which is located in Manheim, Pennsylvania.

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