Summer Walker throws shade at Jayda Wayda after Lil Baby beef but fans disagree


During Summer Walker and Lil Meech’s supposed breakup, the American singer dragged Jayda Wayda into her shady comments and fans seem to disagree with the statements.

After Jayda Wayda’s alleged beef during her rocky relationship with baby daddy rapper Lil Baby, Summer Walker tried to throw shade toward the couple’s separate situation on social media while subtly alluding to dishonesty that has occurred in her own love life.

Fans have taken to Instagram, Twitter and TikTok to address the cheating comments and many openly disagree with the distasteful remarks made by the Session 32 singer.

Summer Walker throws shade at Jayda Wayda

American artists Summer Walker and Lil Meech have reportedly broken up after the singer took to Instagram on Monday 31 July to suggest that she had been cheated on in a Story post that read:

“Tried my best to be Jayda Wayda but I couldn’t. It was cute though, I wish him the best.”

Jayda Cheaves, also known as Jayda Wayda, is a popular American actress, author, model, YouTube creator, and Instagram influencer, along with an accomplished entrepreneur.


The creator is famously known for being in a seemingly toxic, on-and-off relationship with famous American rapper Lil Baby.

Although her reasoning behind the shady remark has not been confirmed, fans assume that by mentioning Jayda in the cheating comments, Summer was supposedly indicating that she won’t stick by Lil Meech like Jayda supposedly stuck by Lil Baby.

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Jayda and Lil Baby sticky situation explained

The Shade Room reported on the distasteful Story posts via Instagram, and while Jayda Wayda has not directly addressed the statement, she did take to The Shade Room’s comment section to share her confusion:

“I learned my lesson after one kid. Mfers around here starting their own trends and tryna insert me in for laughs on the shade room. No. ”

28-year-old Lil Baby currently has two sons by two different baby mothers. His eldest son, Jason was born in 2015 from his relationship with his then-girlfriend, Ayesha. In February 2019, he welcomed his second son, Loyal, with his now ex-girlfriend Jayda Cheaves.

Jayda Cheaves and Lil Baby’s love story has been quite complex over the years as the two rose to fame together and welcomed their baby boy Loyal Armani. Their relationship saw tough times as rumors of Lil Baby being unfaithful became a reality for Jayda, who supposedly chose to walk away many times.

In December 2021, Cheaves told Hollywood Unlocked about her relationship with the US rapper, explaining that they met in Atlanta and were together for nearly six years.

Touching on her turbulent relationship, Jayda said: “There’s so much tension, so many things have happened.” before mentioning that alot of ‘damage’ has been done.

In March 2022, Lil Baby and Jayda Cheaves sparked break-up rumors after she shared a cryptic post saying “everything comes to an end” on social media.

Jayda reportedly The off-and-on couple shared shady messages to their Instagram Stories about “finally standing up” and “being happy”, and fans believe the separation has since been a permanent one.

Fans disagree with the distasteful remark

Summer Walker shared her Instagram Story post to her 5.7 million followers and it seems that many viewers disagree with the comments comparing her situation to Jayda Wayda.

A Twitter user named @KrissyTheMua pointed out that Walker has 3 children, 2 baby fathers, and reportedly 13 failed relationships, therefore suggesting she cannot relate this to Jayda Cheeves who currently only has one child.

Another fan, @makeit_reyn, expressed the opinion that Summer Walker should not be ‘bashing another woman’ to bring up herself.

A TikTok user named @bigespeaks also called Walker out for dragging Jayda Wayda into the shade, suggesting that she didn’t learn her lesson after having children, but Jayda did.

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