Superman Solar racist claims explained as controversial fan film sparks debate


Explore the Superman: Solar racist claims as the controversial fan film sparks debate among viewers online.

Ever since the debate surrounding the production of Spider-Man: Lotus circulated the internet, social media has also been discussing the Superman: Solar fan film with remarks including alleged racism controversy.

Superman Solar racist claims explained

Superman: Solar is a non-profit fan film created by AListProductions on YouTube that follows an emotional journey where Superman faces his greatest challenge yet.

Fan films are thought to be harmless creations allowing fans and aspiring filmmakers to show appreciation for the content by using certain source materials or IP to put their own bespoke spin on iconic characters.

However, the reactions to fan films Spider-Man: Lotus and Superman: Solar haven’t been quite as enthusiastic from all viewers.

Spider-Man: Lotus reportedly involved historical racist behavior among a couple of key creatives, according to We Got This Covered, which then meant its reputation then took a hit within the public.

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  • In terms of the production of Superman: Solar, reports state that nobody has been publicly drawn into any scandals but the internet has taken note of its supposedly conservative and far-right leanings.

    Over on Instagram, the AListProductions’s bio (@alistlk) states that the creator behind the production is a YouTube Partner with over 140,000 subscribers, specializing in video production along with being a retired pro wrestler and a US Army Veteran.

    Controversial fan film continues to spark debate

    Twitter users used meme videos to indicate that Superman: Solar now joins Spider-Man: Lotus with its controversial background.

    A user named @MichaelO2k tweeted that Superman: Solar is just as deserving to receive racist claims due to the alleged “conservative” views being “front and center” behind the production.

    @ItzKrism argued that the entire cast supposedly supports Donald Trump and has far right-wing political views. The user also suggests there is allegedly a clip showing the fan-film version of Superman with right-wing views.

    However, some people are simply just confused and claim that the only supposed proof is “everyone calling the creators racist with no evidence.”

    Fans have dubbed the ‘Racist Cinematic Universe’

    It was announced that the creators behind fan films Spider-Man: Lotus and Superman: Solar have “confirmed the movies take place in the same cinematic universe, the RCU.”

    Some viewers have jokingly decided that the fan film creations should now be referred to as the “Racist Cinematic Universe.”

    More remarks about the RCU are being shared online, along with the continuous debate of the allegedly racist claims.

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