Superman’s New Suit Sneak Peek Teases More Secrets For James Gunn’s DCU Film

Superman's New Suit Sneak Peek Teases More Secrets For James Gunn's DCU Film 2

If the new «Superman» logo looks familiar, it’s because it appears to be a modern update on one of the most iconic suits the DC Comics hero has ever worn. The shape of the emblem is the same as the Superman of Earth-22 from Mark Waid and Alex Ross’ «Kingdom Come.» The acclaimed story follows Superman in a future DC Universe where Lois Lane is killed by the Joker, leading to a new violent hero, Magog, murdering the Clown Prince of Crime — causing a disillusioned Man of Steel to retire. However, he returns to action after a deadly incident involving Magog leads him to reform the Justice League alongside Wonder Woman. 

James Gunn has previously teased a possible DCU connection to «Kingdom Come» and has posted about it on his social media multiple times. So, seeing him use a similar Superman logo but with a color change is a fitting way to acknowledge the importance of the story — even if a straight-up adaptation of «Kingdom Come» doesn’t actually happen.

Another interesting detail from the image is the Superman logo being covered in snow, hinting that the Fortress of Solitude, Superman’s Arctic home base in the comics, will likely play a crucial part in the film ahead. With «Superman» not being an origin story, Gunn can use the Fortress to show off some of Superman’s prized items — such as the Bottled City of Kandor — while exploring the Superman mythos and bringing the most notable elements of the hero’s history to life on the big screen. 

«Superman» officially takes flight in July 2025.

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