Tennessee student Chase Edwards’s sudden death at 17 leaves friends heartbroken

Tennessee student Chase Edwards’s sudden death at 17 leaves friends heartbroken 2

High school student Chase Edwards who studied at Pope John Paul II Preparatory School in Hendersonville, TN, has passed away at 17 as per his obituary and his friends and classmates are mourning his sudden death.

The high schooler was also an internet celebrity of sorts with a sizeable following on both TikTok and Instagram. Following Chase Edwards’ sudden death, his obituary revealed Chase was a passionate basketball player besides other details about the teen. While the obituary does not reveal his cause of death, it does give a glimpse into the high schooler’s life and his future goals.

Tennessee high school student Chase Edwards dies at 17

Chase Edwards’ obituary on Legacy.com reveals his death occurred on July 26, 2023. The high schooler who was born in Atlanta, Georgia in 2006 was 17 at the time of his tragic death.

Chase’s obituary further describes him as a “true friend.” “Chase was the phone call you would always answer and someone who could always provide a laugh or hug when it was needed the most,” it reads. It further reveals that thePope John Paul II Preparatory School student played basketball and had most recently become the varsity captain. He was also passionate about weightlifting among other creative activities like writing, cooking, traveling, and more. His obituary further reveals that Chase was going to study abroad in England in the upcoming fall semester before his untimely death.

The high schooler is survived by his father, John Michael Edwards; his mother, Sally Block Edwards; siblings Jonathan Turner Edwards (Lyndi), and Ashton Edwards Bennett (Jeremy) as well as many other relatives. Chase was also a social media star of sorts. Thanks to his handsome looks and his warm personality, he had accrued a sizeable following on Instagram and TikTok.

A look at Chase’s Instagram and TikTok

Chase had close to 3,000 followers on Instagram and over 2300 followers on TikTok. He had posted only three videos on TikTok but had amassed a whopping 26.8K likes. His latest upload on the platform was in August 2022 and had accrued 22.4K likes.

On Instagram, Chase often shared pictures with his family and friends. His posts made it clear that Chase was a social butterfly. His latest post on Instagram was from July 9. The late high schooler posted a series of pictures of his friends on the beach.

Friends mourn Chase Edwards’ sudden death

Underneath Chase’s obituary and his Instagram posts, many of his friends commented mourning his loss. Some even shared their pictures with him.

Sharing her picture with Chase, one friend wrote, “Chase was so special. I´ve never met anyone as positive and comforting as him. From the little time I knew him, he became someone I could never forget. I love you Chase you will be missed by so many.”

“Chase didn´t make friends, he built families. Whether you talked to Chase for a few minutes or had the pleasure of knowing him for years, you felt like you were his best friend,” a second friend wrote about him.

“Can’t believe this is real, love you so much Chase,” another friend wrote on his Instagram.

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