The 5 Best Trailers From The 2024 Super Bowl, Ranked

The 5 Best Trailers From The 2024 Super Bowl, Ranked 2

If the world wasn’t fully aware of how funny Ryan Gosling could be under the right circumstances, his sublime performance in «Barbie» should’ve clarified that further. It’s that turn as the dunderheaded lover of horses and the beach that bumps any glimpse of «The Fall Guy» from being «one to look out for» to «absolutely essential.» Locking in a balance of action and comedy with extra Taylor Swift, he looks to be going for laughs again, with added car chases and dangerous boat handling. Also, unicorns.

In the trailer titled «Everything,» the newest preview for the David Leitch-directed film is crammed with great little moments that make Gosling’s high-octane outing look worth the admission. Here, his sexy bacon stuntman, Colt Seavers, surfs down a highway on a car door, bickers with old flame and film director Jody Moreno (Emily Blunt), and reports the concerning issue of an ice crime. Compared to some of the other big movies on show during Super Bowl LVIII, this might go under the radar for some, but then the best surprise hits always do. It’s also one of the biggest risks. As a reboot of the 1980s TV show, «The Fall Guy» mostly has the names on the cast list to carry it, so a successful run in theaters will be a stunt in and of itself. We’ll see if «The Fall Guy» sticks the landing when it arrives on May 3, 2024.

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