The Classic Anne Hathaway Movie Crushing It On Netflix

The Classic Anne Hathaway Movie Crushing It On Netflix 2

At the beginning of her time at Runway, Andy is unmotivated at best and dismissive at worst, referring to her coworkers as «the clackers» (because of the noises their high heels make on the ground) and snidely laughing when Miranda chooses between two similar-looking belts for a photoshoot. (This leads to the film’s famous monologue about the shade of blue known as «cerulean,» delivered expertly by Meryl Streep.) Ultimately, Andy realizes she has to make her situation at Runway work for her and asks Nigel for help, which he begrudgingly gives.

Once Andy dons the latest fashions and fully becomes a «clacker,» her professional life soars to new heights … while her personal life crumbles. Her friends and her boyfriend Nate (Adrian Grenier) don’t understand her hectic work life, and Andy can’t keep everything together. In the end, though, while Andy is with Miranda for work in Paris, she realizes that she doesn’t want what Miranda has or her previous humdrum life, but a third, different thing.

«The Devil Wears Prada» feels relatable to anyone who’s ever dealt with a mercurial, hellish boss — which is likely why it’s been so popular for so long. So will we ever see a sequel?

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