The Deadpool & Wolverine Trailer Gets A LEGO Remake

The Deadpool & Wolverine Trailer Gets A LEGO Remake 2

LEGO is more than just toy sets and colorful bricks. One of the most integral parts of the LEGO brand is its use of licensing, allowing the company to use other characters and franchises for its various products. One of LEGO’s most successful partnerships is with DC, which includes not only numerous direct-to-DVD titles but also 2017’s «The LEGO Batman Movie,» which grossed over $310 million worldwide.

With the LEGO «Deadpool & Wolverine» trailer receiving considerable fanfare, is it possible that we’ll one day see a theatrical «LEGO Deadpool Movie»? The MCU has yet to release an animated film, but «Deadpool» would be the perfect character to start off with. The antihero’s quippy and self-aware nature could make for an intriguing, family-friendly animated feature that calls out his limitations because of the medium.

It would be an interesting way to spice up Marvel’s most formulaic fare. And seeing as LEGO has seen considerable success in the world of video games with hits like «Lego Marvel’s Avengers» and «LEGO DC Super-Villains,» it’s possible that we could one day see a «LEGO Deadpool & Wolverine» game grace consoles and PC. «Deadpool & Wolverine» hits theaters on July 26.

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