The Last Airbender Easter Egg (But TikTok Found It)

The Last Airbender Easter Egg (But TikTok Found It) 2

This quick cameo in «Mean Girls» isn’t the only thing the musical hit and «Avatar: The Last Airbender» have in common. «Avatar: The Last Airbender» is a co-production from Nickelodeon — and Nickelodeon is a sister company of Paramount Pictures, which released both versions of «Mean Girls.» That means that the cartoon and the film franchise sit under the same production umbrella, and that likely made getting legal access to that clip of Toph a whole lot easier. It also means there could be a much longer crossover between the characters from «Mean Girls» and «Avatar: The Last Airbender» in some venue — though that seems unlikely to happen.

Nevertheless, with a Netflix-exclusive «Avatar: The Last Airbender» series already in the offing, perhaps the characters from one of Nickelodeon’s greatest cartoons might someday appear in other Paramount-related properties. A «Star Trek» crossover movie, anyone? 

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