The New Netflix Limited Series Leaving Viewers In Tears

The New Netflix Limited Series Leaving Viewers In Tears 2

Reading viewers’ reviews on X may not have the same impact as actually seeing someone try to talk about the Netflix miniseries in real-time. That’s the case over on TikTok, where an assortment of thoughts have materialized of people literally fighting back tears to give their thoughts. That was the case for TikToker @jahelis, who discussed how the story is more emotionally devastating over the course of its 14 episodes as opposed to the two-hour runtime of a film. There’s more time to spend with the central couple, specifically how they spend their lives apart, and it’s positively devastating. 

TikToker @mariah.barents was of a similar opinion, writing the following text in the video: «Don’t watch the show ‘One Day’ if you literally want your heart to be torn to pieces.» The show hasn’t been out for long, but it’s already responsible for a full river of tears from viewers, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It may just be the thing to watch with your sweetheart on Valentine’s Day so that you’re both reminded of how short life can be. 

Professional critics are on the same boat as casual fans with Netflix’s «One Day.» The limited series currently has a 92% positive rating on Rotten Tomatoes, with Rohan Naahar of The Indian Express giving the show five out of five stars, writing, «Rare is the television show — or any filmed entertainment, really — that can capture the euphoria of young love and the heartache of grief with equal grace.» With this kind of praise across the board, «One Day» may be just the thing to watch. Just make sure you have some tissues handy. 

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