The One Superman Costume That’s Way Too Wild For The DC Movie Universe

The One Superman Costume That's Way Too Wild For The DC Movie Universe 2

The biggest problem with «Superman Red/Superman Blue» getting a big-screen adaptation in the future is mainstream audiences aren’t ready for the depth required to see it happen. So much needs to occur before it can be done, like Superman’s growth as a hero, power problems, and the introduction of a few big villains. Viewers haven’t even seen «Superman Legacy» star David Corenswet in costume yet. First, let’s see his Superman tackle some of his most notable enemies, such as Lex Luthor and Brainiac while defending Metropolis. DCU’s Man of Steel still has a long way to go before «Superman Red/Superman Blue» should even be considered, as it’s a needlessly convoluted story with no pressing need to be adapted.

If anything, the comic book tale is better served for a television series, such as «Superman & Lois,» which has tackled some storylines much more methodically, such as the Intergang and Bizarro, which happened after Superman experienced growth over multiple seasons. It can be a story-of-the-week or an ongoing arc on the small screen.

As a movie, it would likely take at least 3-4 installments even to consider the bizarre plotline in James Gunn’s DCU framework. Even still, logically, it might not work. Plus, there are so many more well-suited arcs, such as «All-Star Superman,» to adapt instead. For now, «Superman Red/Superman Blue» is best being left on the comic page.

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