The Only Main Actors Still Alive From The Cast Of One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest

The Only Main Actors Still Alive From The Cast Of One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest 2

Billy Bibbit (Brad Dourif) was among the characters most affected by Randle McMurphy’s journey of rebellion and self-discovery. His awkward, childish nature stems from his mother’s harsh parenting, never allowing him to make his own decisions. McMurphy aims to give Bibbit a much-needed new lease on life, having him join his many escapades. Sadly, Bibbit’s progress is crushed by the manipulative Nurse Ratched, resulting in a tragic end for the lovable character. 

Similar to the journey of his on-screen persona, «One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest» presented a fresh new opportunity for Dourif. The film proved to be a breakthrough performance for the up-and-coming actor, even earning him both an Oscar nomination and a Golden Globe win for best supporting actor. His talents have gone on to an endless array of fan-favorite films including «Blue Velvet,» «Mississippi Burning,» and «The Lord of the Rings» movies. 

However, Dourif is perhaps best known for his contributions to the horror genre, having starred in such beloved franchises as «Alien,» «The Exorcist,» and «Halloween.» Arguably his most iconic role is that of the possessed killer doll Chucky, whom Dourif voiced in the original 1988 «Child’s Play,» its many sequels, and the ongoing 2021 Syfy television series. 

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