The Racy Way Eva Green & Louis Garrel Prepared For The Dreamers’ Nude Scenes

The Racy Way Eva Green & Louis Garrel Prepared For The Dreamers' Nude Scenes 2

Eva Green went on to explain that she had to dig deep into her own experience for another sequence in which she sleeps with Matthew (Michael Pitt). «The sex scenes were quite full on and frank in The Dreamers,» the actor admitted. «I had a scene in which my own character has to lose her virginity. I had to remember how I felt when I first had sex,» Green went on. «I am so reserved in real life, but I surprised myself completely.»

While director Bernardo Bertolucci was not named by Green explicitly, the filmmaker does have a history of shooting sex scenes in a way that some find questionable. Like many of the filmmaker’s efforts, «The Dreamers,» which follows a young man from America who becomes infatuated with two French twins, is filled with sexual content, which is both titillating and troubling for the audience to experience.

Perhaps it is for this reason that Green decided she might be more comfortable having a drink prior to shooting some scenes in «The Dreamers.» «I was asked if I wanted some alcohol before some of the scenes, and admit that I did have some whisky,» she recalled. «There was a breaking of the ice before the sex scene.»

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