The Wicked Trailer Finally Dropped At The Super Bowl & Fans Are Not Holding Back


There are also plenty of — mostly good-natured — jabs and jokes about the «Wicked» trailer, which aired while the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers faced off during Super Bowl LVIII.

Comedian @MattBellassai pointed out that the trailer was meant for a super-specific audience, writing, «they aired the ‘Wicked’ trailer at the beginning of the super bowl to keep gay people busy for the rest of the night. like dangling musical theater keys.» @tveitidk posted a photo of Jason Kelce, rapper Ice Spice, and pop superstar Taylor Swift in a VIP box mid-discussion, adding a quippy caption: «this is what theatre kids looked like discussing the ‘Wicked’ trailer after it dropped.» @katereinking took the «theatre kid» throughline and ran with it, saying, «The ‘Wicked’ trailer dropping before the 7pm curtains is the most theatre kid thing THANK YOU @wickedmovie.»

Others, like film critic Guy Lodge, question whether the movie will be as big as everyone expects, citing one of Jon M. Chu’s previous films. «Wicked’ trailer is reminding me of when so many of you tried to claim that ‘In the Heights,’ a film that absolutely does not exist, would be some kind of seismic cultural event.» Then, some fans came after the way the film is marketed — from the way it looks, to the fact that it’s story will be spread across two feature-length films.


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